Monthly Archive: April 2012

About Passion

Challenger explosion

What does passion mean for a Software Engineer? Depends on the context. First, and that’s what start-up companies usually expect from their employes, it means you love the company, the business idea and the team you work with. Some people are also passionate about their Apple computer/phone/tablet in a similar way (the term “Fanboy” is…
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Wunderkit and the 6Wunderkinder – 8 months later

As you can see on my Linkedin profile, I used to work as consultant for 6Wunderkinder, a Berlin based start-up company, last year. My job was to provide training for the developers and help building the initial Web frontend for Wunderkit, their next product after the popular Wunderlist app. Even though I could say a lot about…
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The Clean Coder

The Clean Coder cover

I’m currently reading The Clean Coder by Robert C. Martin. Here are some of my favorite quotes: Caffeine “There is no doubt that some of us can make more efficient use of our focus-manna by consuming moderate amounts of caffeine. But take care. Caffeine also puts a strange jitter on our focus.” Arrogance “Programmers tend to be arrogant,…
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Cargo Cult Coding Standards (CCCS) for PHP

Cargo cult means that you copy some (previously) successful behavior from others and expect something good to happen to you (or your project) as well. For coding standards, that’s a very good starting point. Especially since formatting standards are often not based on any science – life is just easier, if everyone is using the…
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