Why less mocking can improve everyone’s testing experience

There’s some confusion in the community concerning the use of mocks for unit testing. Mocking is creating objects that simulate the behaviour of real objects. I personally don’t mock class dependencies by default but use real objects and test doubles via dependency injection. Despite the success of this approach, many developers are still plagued by concerns that the…
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Dependent Symfony 2 Bundles and Testability

I just stumbled upon a question concerning Symfony 2 bundles and testability that I want to share with you. When developing with Symfony, beginners tend to use lots of existing bundles, because this seems to be the recommend way of building an application. Later, they wonder, why it’s so hard to write unit and component tests or they write functional…
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PHP and Zend Framework 2 are losing popularity

According to Google Trends and the personal feedback I get from the PHP developer community, Zend Framework 2 quickly lost it’s initial momentum while SensioLab’s micro-framework Silex is attracting more developers slowly but steadily. If you already work with Symfony 2 and consider switching to Silex, you might want to have a look at Symlex: It’s based on Silex but uses the familiar Symfony dependency…
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Updated version of Zend_Db_Adapter_Odbtp_Mssql

As people start asking me about that ODBTP adapter for Zend Framework, I will publish it as attachment to this post now. It should work with the latest version of Zend Framework (as reported by a developer). If you want to use it, just copy the files to your include path (make sure the path…
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PHP Magazin: Parlez-vous Zend?

[[image php_mag.gif align=”right”]] Wer sich fuer **[,id,916,nodeid,62,_language,de.html mehrsprachige Unternehmens-Anwendungen mit Zend Framework]** interessiert, findet im aktuellen [ PHP Magazin] (5.07) einen Artikel von mir. Anhand eines Fallbeispiels wurde gezeigt, wie die Neuentwicklung einer PHP Anwendung mit modernen Technologien ablaufen kann und was es zu beachten gibt.

Zend Framework: Unicode DB adapter for SQL Server

Yeah, I finally got it managed to publish my proposal for the Zend Framwork ODBTP database adapter component:

The default MS SQL database driver does not work with Unicode, as SQL Server expects Unicode strings in the UCS-2 encoding (UCS-2 contains null bytes and the driver is not binary-safe). ODBTP works as layer between PHP and SQL Server and accepts Unicode strings in the UTF-8 encoding.