Zend Framework

Updated version of Zend_Db_Adapter_Odbtp_Mssql

As people start asking me about that ODBTP adapter for Zend Framework, I will publish it as attachment to this post now. It should work with the latest version of Zend Framework (as reported by a developer). If you want to use it, just copy the files to your include path (make sure the path…
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PHP Magazin: Parlez-vous Zend?

[[image php_mag.gif align=”right”]] Wer sich fuer **[http://phpmagazin.de/itr/online_artikel/psecom,id,916,nodeid,62,_language,de.html mehrsprachige Unternehmens-Anwendungen mit Zend Framework]** interessiert, findet im aktuellen [http://phpmagazin.de/ PHP Magazin] (5.07) einen Artikel von mir. Anhand eines Fallbeispiels wurde gezeigt, wie die Neuentwicklung einer PHP Anwendung mit modernen Technologien ablaufen kann und was es zu beachten gibt.

Zend Framework: Unicode DB adapter for SQL Server

Yeah, I finally got it managed to publish my proposal for the Zend Framwork ODBTP database adapter component:


The default MS SQL database driver does not work with Unicode, as SQL Server expects Unicode strings in the UCS-2 encoding (UCS-2 contains null bytes and the driver is not binary-safe). ODBTP works as layer between PHP and SQL Server and accepts Unicode strings in the UTF-8 encoding.