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Hosted continuous integration services for PHP

Today, I’ve been evaluating popular hosted CI services to see how well they’re working with PHP and how much they cost. is free for Open Source projects (one concurrent build). Paid plans for private repositories start at 25 $ / month. Builds are configured on the Web site. PHP support is marked…
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Howto: Modify block format options dropdown in WordPress (TinyMCE)

There is an easy way to modify the block format options dropdown in the WordPress editor. Simply add those lines to your theme’s functions.php (wp-content/themes/{name}/functions.php) and modify the list according to your needs: function extend_tiny_mce_defaults ($config) { // comma separated list of any block-level HTML tag $config[‘theme_advanced_blockformats’] = ‘p,h3,h4,pre,address’; return $config; } add_filter(‘tiny_mce_before_init’, ‘extend_tiny_mce_defaults’, 100);

Wunderkit and the 6Wunderkinder – 8 months later

As you can see on my Linkedin profile, I used to work as consultant for 6Wunderkinder, a Berlin based start-up company, last year. My job was to provide training for the developers and help building the initial Web frontend for Wunderkit, their next product after the popular Wunderlist app. Even though I could say a lot about…
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Google’s Sean Quinlan about GMail and GFS

I recently read an interview with Google’s Sean Quinlan about GFS and the problems they faced with interactive Web applications like GMail, which require a certain maximum latency time. The original Google File System design was focused on batch efficiency, not latency. Although the interview is quite long, there are two remarkable paragraphs I would like…
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Combining SOA and Cloud Computing

To my surprise, the combination of SOA (Service-oriented Architecture) and Cloud Computing (basically outsourcing the server management/using many virtual machines) was described as something new in IEEE Computer’s October issue (“Software Engineering Meets Services and Cloud Computing”, Stephen S . Yau and Ho G. An, pp. 47 – 53). Besides the fact, that this is…
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Chaotic Pattern: Wiki is online

I recently managed to publish my latest project: While reading the book Sync, I felt that this is the right name – an explanation can be found on the Web site. There is already some blog with the same name, but it does not seem to be very active. The last post is from May 2009….
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Object property ordering in Google Chrome

Today, I prepared for the upcoming PHP/JS conferences and had a look at the mysterious bug #883 of Google Chrome and those related to it. Also I read though SquirrelFish source, which is used by Safari 4. The reason for the odd behavior of Chrome seems to be a if/else construct that is repeated throughout…
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Update on object property reordering in Google Chrome

Iterating over an objects properties can result in a seemingly random order, it’s always the same order in Chrome, but in a different order for other browsers. I posted this as bug #223 a couple of weeks ago. John Resig posted the same issue as ticket #883 a day later. It was confirmed in the…
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