Written requirements in the age of agile development

Many of today’s agile software projects are characterized by a lack of written requirements and other documentation. The¬†rationale behind this is that requirements change “too often” to be written down. Project management might also be afraid that writing documents consumes too much time of developers and stakeholders. However, my personal experience is that projects with…
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Niklaus Wirth about complexity

On both sides of this fence, complexity has and will maintain a strong fascination for many people. It is true that we live in a complex world and strive to solve inherently complex problems, which often do require complex mechanisms. However, this should not diminish our desire for elegant solutions, which convince by their clarity…
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Communications of the ACM 01/2011

While being in Chicago I found the time to read through the last issue of Communications. Here’s a short summary: “Where have all the workshops gone?” by Moshe Y. Vardi – he basically complains that todays workshops (“second-rate conferences”)¬†are not the same as they have been in the past (“informal gatherings of researchers”). My suggestion:…
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