Science & Philosophy


It is always interesting to see, what we “forgot” during history. One of the these things is, without a doubt, Cybernetics (which in turn is a child of the 2nd world war) and maybe even the origin of computers (see von Neumann architecture), which is closely coupled to that. While passing by a second-hand bookstore in Evanston,…
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Shades of the Singularity (IEEE Spectrum 12.10)

In IEEE Spectrum 12.10 you find an article about building “The brain of a New Machine” using Memristors by Versace & Chandler. Bottom line is that they expect that a new memory technology built on the Memristor chips produced by HP Labs enables them to construct massive-parallel computers that consume only a comparable small amount of energy. While…
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A cybernetic view on Web search

When it comes to Web search, everybody thinks of Google nowadays. But there are shortcomings: Google has just one large index for all users. This is why search engine optimization has become so popular and why you sometimes don’t find what you’re looking for. A possible solution would be to have different indexes, maintained by the users, that cover the various needs (e.g. topics, regions, content quality,…). That way, a user can decide to only get search results from Germany without ads, for example. Of course one large monolithic company could have problems to provide such a service.